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At our 9901 Wellness Center, our providers work collaboratively with patients, families, and others toward patient centered goals. The health center’s practice is built on providing a supportive relationship that provides primary and preventative health care services.

Our Services Include:

  • Follow up visits, physical examinations.
  • Pre-operative examinations.
  • Post-hospitalization follow-up walk-in visits.
  • Blood pressure checks.
  • Blood sugar checks.
  • PPD testing.
  • Immunizations.
  • Age appropriate disease prevention screening.
  • Chronic care case management and specialty care referrals
  • EKG’s, Holter monitoring, and pulse oximetry.
  • Patient education.
  • Health education referrals.
  • Disease prevention program referrals for Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Hyperlipidemia and Smoking Cessation.


Address: 9901 Compton Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90002

Phone Number: (323) 564-4331

Fax Number: (213) 784-0357

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 PM

We care about your health. If you are not feeling well, call us at (323) 564-4331 before visiting us at our health centers or to schedule a telephone appointment.

For more on how to keep yourself healthy, our precautions and what you need to know about Coronavirus, visit: http://www.wattshealth.org/coronavirus-news/

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