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We promote the prevention and treatment of behavioral health issues by delivering trauma-informed, services in an effort to address whole person care with cultural humility. We recognize that both medical and behavioral health factors are important to a person’s overall health and so we work closely with medical providers to address a patient’s concerns. Our team of experienced licensed clinicians are compassionate and dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our patients.

Our Services Include:

        • Consultations with a trained compassionate professional.
        • Individual and group therapy using evidenced based treatment
        • Referrals for BH services in the community as well as other.

      If you or a loved one has any issue with the following, we can help:

        • Grief/loss
        • Depression
        •  Anxiety
        •  Panic Attacks
        •  Coping with traumatic events
        •  Coping with medical diagnosis
        •  Substance abuse
        •  Relationship problems
        •  Life stressors and crises
        •  Perinatal loss, infertility, menopause
        •  Life/role transitions
        •  Anger issues
        •  Sleep problems
        •  Feelings of hopelessness
        •  Feeling Overwhelmed
        •  Stress Related Physical Symptoms
        •  Low Self-esteem
        •  Lack of Motivation


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