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Watts Healthcare is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors in compliance with requirements set forth by the Section 330 statute of the Public Health Service Act. The Board must include a majority of active registered consumers who utilize our services. The Governing Board ensures the organization is responsive to the community’s healthcare needs.

Rev. (Dr) Joe H. Waller

Board Chairman


Victor Cortez

Board Vice Chairman


Dr. Osazuwa Omede

Board Secretary


Dr. Yoko Sugihara

Board Treasurer


Mary Ann Cortez

Board Member


Linda Daniels

Board Member


Rev. Raphael Irving

Board Member


Glenn Ford

Board Member


Earnestene Wilson

Board Member


Rev. (Dr) Ticey Brown

Board Member


Sara Healey

Board Member


Maryann Marie Cortez

Board Member

We care about your health. If you are not feeling well, call us at (323) 564-4331 before visiting us at our health centers or to schedule a telephone appointment.

For more on how to keep yourself healthy, our precautions and what you need to know about Coronavirus, visit: http://www.wattshealth.org/coronavirus-news/

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