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Dear valued Supporters,

As we navigate through the coronavirus outbreak, our goal is to make sure our patients feel valued. We are deeply aware of the additional health and economic impacts this pandemic may have on the members of our community, particularly those without safe and stable housing, but we take comfort in knowing that Watts Healthcare will be here to provide quality and compassionate health care, regardless of ability to pay.

We are faced with a significant challenge with securing adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for employees and patients. We are also working on the development of Telehealth and appropriate equipment so we can continue to provide care to all patients in our communities. We are taking on significant financial risks as we pursue these strategies and interventions; however, we cannot ethically accept the alternative of our community not getting the care they need in the safest way possible amid this crisis.

For over 50 years, Watts Healthcare has been a provider of quality and compassionate health care to individuals of all ages throughout LA County and we will continue to do so, even as this current situation evolves. Serving our community and individuals we care for remains Watts Healthcare’s number one priority. We are taking appropriate measures at all of our community health centers to ensure that we are maintaining safe environments in which we can provide essential services to those in need.

This would not be possible without the generous support from many of you. Please consider a gift today, to help bring necessary resources to Watts Healthcare, so we can continue to deploy our efforts on a broader scale during this time of uncertainty.

You can also contact our Finance Office at (323) 564-4331 ext. 3144 or mail your gift to:

Watts Healthcare Corporation
10300 Compton Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90002

All gifts are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by the law.

Thank you for your support!

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