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The Preventive Health Services Program has been developed to improve the health of our patients. By offering health education and wellness programs, Watts Healthcare Corporation (WHCC) seeks to directly involve the members in their own health promotion and health maintenance. Health Promotion/Disease Prevention is the cornerstone of the WHCC health care system.

The purpose of the Preventative Health Services Department includes:

  • Serve the patients, staff, and surrounding community.
  • Develop, implement, and promote total health and well-being.
  • Offer preventative health education classes, health information, and wellness programs that directly involve members in their own physical, mental, social, and emotional health maintenance.
  • Address the needs of the patients and assure that appropriate services are incorporated into their healthcare plans.
  • Provide educational support vital to helping individuals modify their behavior and enhance their health status.

Description of the Programs

  • The Health Education program provides education support that is effective in enabling individuals to modify their behaviors and enhance their health status.
  • Individual counseling and/or group classes are provided.
  • Pertinent scientific-based, culturally appropriate, and easy to understand kinds of literature are available in various waiting rooms, the front lobby, and in the health educator offices at WHCC. Educational materials are also provided to Crenshaw Community Health Center (CCHC), 9901 Wellness Center, School-Based Health Center (SBHC), and the Jefferson Crenshaw Community Center locations.
  • Classes are held on a weekly basis in regards to diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, smoking cessation, stress control, weight management, exercise, pediatric nutrition, and living with chronic conditions.

Nutritional Services

Individual counseling is provided to WHCC patients by referrals generated from the providers. The Registered Dietitian (RD) is available for individual counseling at the WHCC and CCHC location.

Diabetes Self-Management Education*

The DSME classes are provided on a weekly basis on Wednesdays. The classes review the following topics: 1) Overview of Diabetes, 2) Healthy Eating, 3) Monitoring Blood Glucose and Using the Results, 4) Natural Course of Diabetes, and 5) Special Presentation (this may be in relation to managing stress, grocery tours, etc.). The DSME program offered at WHCC is ADA recognized from October 2, 2017, through October 2, 2021.

Pediatric Nutrition Classes

The pediatric nutrition class is offered to pediatric patients ages 5 through 17 years of age on a weekly basis on Thursdays. The classes review the following topics: 1) Portion Sizes and Food Labels, 2) Limiting Sugary Beverages and Screen Time and Increasing Physical Activity, 3) Importance of Breakfast and Mindful Eating, and 4) Food Groups and MyPlate. A pre- and post- survey is provided to assess behavior change after completion of the series.

Tobacco Control Program

The WHCC Tobacco Control Program has been implemented within WHCC since July 1990 and has outreached to numerous South Central Los Angeles community residents and the community. The program is comprised of education, prevention, cessation, health promotion, and policy development. Classes and/or 1-on-1 smoking cessation classes are provided on Tuesdays or on an as-needed basis. Eligible patients are also referred to the USC Lung Cancer Screening Program, if eligible.

CDC Prevent T2 and Weight Management Program

Here at WHCC, we offer the CDC Prevent T2 Curriculum, which is facilitated by certified lifestyle coaches, on every working Friday. The classes review topics on tips to encourage physical activity and healthier eating habits. Every week, participants are able to track their weight and minutes of physical activity from the week prior. Lifestyle coaches help participants develop weekly action plans to help reach their goal and review their physical activity or food log for tips.


Schedule of Classes:

  Smoking Cessation Classes

10 AM




ADA Recognized Diabetes Self-Management Education Classes

8:45 AM (SP)

10:30 AM (EN)



Pediatric Nutrition Classes

3:30 PM



CDC Prevent T2 and Weight Management Program

9 AM (EN/SP)


Phone Number: (323) 564-4331

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